Live interaction in online or face-to-face workshops is an great way to bring diverse sources of knowledge together. Different stakeholders, customers and experts participate in order to generate breakthrough ideas and to elaborate upon new value propositions. A range of formats and techniques is combined and aligned to individual project goals. Graphic recording and facilitation open up new perspectives on new and known topics.
  • Futures Workshops proceed through critique, utopian vision and realization.
  • Business Modelling Workshops explore the interaction of core business components based on our values-based Business Innovation Kit.
  • Guerilla Research allows your staff to walk in the shoes of your customers.
  • Co-creation directly engages your customers or other stakeholders in ideation or refining solutions.
Templates and Materials for Download
Graphic Recording
Figures, schemes and templates structure our collaboration and impact strategic decisions. Such visual patterns may also be used to introduce new perspectives into the system. Together with Gabriele Heinzel, our partner for visualization, we not only try to apply graphic recording in our workshops. We also facilitate and extend live interaction through visual forms and templates in order to empower creativity or to structure decision making.