Gamification and New Methods

Gamification and games provide a safe space for experimentation and unconventional forms of interaction. They can be tailormade and iteratively improved to drive innovation and facilitate learning. We are exploring their potential to drive innovation and to empower entrepreneurs in our upcoming book on “Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs – Using Games to Drive Innovation and Facilitate Learning” (by Henning Breuer, John Bessant and Sune Gudiksen).
Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs is about an exciting, still emerging superpower. One that empowers you to use, repurpose and create games that will help solve the great societal and organisational challenges that companies, startups and nonprofits are facing today – games that are explicitly designed and can be iteratively improved to engage stakeholders, facilitate experimentation and actually drive innovation.
What makes gamification a superpower is its use of powerful methods and techniques from diverse disciplines and traditions – like futures studies, user experience, agile management, design thinking or business design – in a new, action-oriented and engaging framework. Each game world is a safe, playful space, where groups are free to experiment in innovative and inclusive forms of collaboration.
Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs builds on insights and knowledge from over 150 leading experts in the field. It provides a rich collection of materials for innovators, entrepreneurs and game designers that allows you to dive deep into innovation and entrepreneurship, into games and gamification. You can build on 36 gamification design patterns – like dilemma solving, experiential learning, innovation markets and storytelling – and use a game design canvas to create your own innovation games. Or you can customize some of the 70+ games featured in the book that are already in use by innovators, entrepreneurs and professional trainers. Additional resources are provided for teachers and game facilitators.
The superpower of gamification does not yield simplistic solutions – but the resources from Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs will provide you with the means and the confidence to tackle some of the great challenges we are all facing today.

Best Book Award!

EURAM 2023 Best Book Award: Gamification for Innovators & Entrepreneurs is runner-up for the annual award of the European Academy of Management!

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