Simplify your business by focussing on the essential values of your customers and yourself! We offer normative, strategic and operational business consulting and targeted scientific research providing innovation, corporate foresight and customer insights. We do provide for quick fixes, but prefer to establish trusted and long term relationships with our clients and partners. You may get to know our approach through an initial workshop before requesting professional coaching and establishing a cooperation.
We look into alternative futures and realign value creation with what you care about. We dive into promising business models, and closely work with our clients and their customers. We prefer to do so with instead of for you: Your learning organization is our gratification.
We engage in the following areas:
Main offerings to download

We offer business modelling workshops and coaching for corporate ventures and startups.

  • Mindfulness for Innovation

Introduce mindful practises to explore and exploit potentials for innovation.

Define and introduce a consistent design language across services and platforms.

  • Futures Research & Scenarios

Understand upcoming chances and risks and develop a positive vision.

  • Customer Integration

Ethnography and crowdsourcing help to identify requirements and solutions.

  • Learner-Centered Development

Concept and design of interactive learning environments.

Contracting options
  • Interim Management
  • Project Coaching
  • Work Packages
  • Participation & Shares
  • Teaming