Corporate Venturing

Learning is the way to realize great ideas, improve strategic market positions, explore values-based innovation, and/or create a self-optimizing process. Using our experience and academic knowledge, we help organizations mature their innovation capabilities. Our services include coaching public and corporate ventures and startups.

Lean Corporate Ventures


  • Values-Based Business Modelling

  • Values-based approaches to modelling new business take notions of the desirable as a staring point for an exploration of new business opportunities and their comparative evaluation. Our book on values-based innovation management provides the theoretical foundations, useful methods and case studies of companies (like Interface, Aravind and IBM) that outperformed their industries based on unique values and normative orientations.

    • Corporate Foresight

    • Understanding trends and development patterns, but also discontinuous changes turns overwhelming forces into factors to consider, manage, and test in the attempt to create sustainable business. Here is an exemplary report on Robot Human Interaction.

      • Futures Workshops

      • When introducing scenario management into organizations, we often start by covering everything from exploratory scenarios to the normative vision. The persistence of uncertainty in fact empowers your own normative vision. Our futures workshops explore these visions and make them manageable.