Innovation Strategy

What is key to succes for your future business? How can strategy, tactics, and organisational renewal be aligned? How can open innovation be turned into a reliable and iterative practice? What are the requirements for working successfully with alternative scenarios and desired futures? A clear vision of a desired future allows us to focus and streamline activities today. An enhanced awareness of alternative developments prepares us for dealing with upcoming threats and discovering new business opportunities.
  • Open Innovation Strategy
Open innovation turns given boundaries into a matter of interaction design: How to internalize external knowledge? How to spin off into adjacent business worlds? We enable organizations to leverage external knowledge and to engage in relevant contexts. Here is a case combining various open innovation formats.
  • Scenario Analysis
‘We shall never be able to escape from the ultimate dilemma that all our knowledge is about the past, and all our decisions are about the future’ (Wilson 1975/2000). Understanding alternative futures enables you and your strategy to be well-prepared for what is to come. Together with our clients, we proceed from present shortcomings to utopian vision and daily practice of future-focused thinking in strategic decision making. In order to do so, we create and review explorative and normative scenarios. We help you to identify targets and tactics for corporate renewal, as well as to analyze corporate ecosystems, customer and technology trends.
  • User-Driven Innovation

UDI takes individuals as the starting point, reason and guideline to create new products, services, business models, and processes. Given the high involvement of various stakeholders and the challenges to common sense, advanced methodologies and solid experience are required in order to achieve pioneering results. 

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Set up and management of a new project team with 20 members of staff for user-driven innovation; open innovation management with stakeholder integration, strategic consulting and development of new methodology in terms of user research, futures research, business modeling. Interim management as director of research and Innovation at Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

Projects on exploratory and normative scenarios in the automotive, energy and telecommunication industry. Further information available upon request.

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