Sustainable Innovation Culture – ISPIM Masterclass

Sustainable Innovation Culture – from ESG compliance to forward looking cultures and market leadership” is the title of our masterclass at this year’s ISPIM conference in Tallin, Estonia:

Why is culture the secret for innovation success? Recent studies have shown that a strong innovation culture is crucial for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and sustainable development. But what defines your organization’s innovation culture? Are you ready to dive deep into the heart of your organisational culture and unlock its potential for bringing sustainable development ahead? Join our interactive masterclass by Henning Breuer, Kiril Ivanov and Roman Meier-Andrae, Executive Leader in Digital Transformation and Innovation at TÜV Nord. Join us to discover:

  • The core values and practices that shape your organizational culture, with a spotlight on sustainable innovation.
  • New open-access toolkits and templates enriched with real-world examples from market leaders.
  • Strategies to overcome cultural challenges and tools to help you understand, co-create, and cultivate a sustainable innovation culture.
  • Collaborative insights through a unique opportunity to share and compare experiences across various sectors and public institutions.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to transform your organizational culture and spearhead sustainable innovation.