User Experience Exhibition

For our client, TUEV Nord Mobility, we prepared and opened up an exhibition in Hannover summing up results of our one-year user experience project. In order to fundamentally redesign the main inspection software, we had conducted expert interviews on the future of inspection, 16 ethnographic field interviews with inspection engineers, prototyping and co-creation workshops and user tests with the click-dummies we created. Through posters, journey maps and click-dummies we demonstrated key results and invited a larger audience to provide their feedback. While some of the results are already being implemented to improve the current release, we are looking forward to the redesign next year.


Roman Meier-Andrae, Executive Board Member for Digital Transformation and Disruptive Innovation @TÜV Nord cuts the ribbon for the opening of the exhibition. Together we asked: How will we conduct inspections tomorrow? Which new and intuitive interaction principles does AI-supported software enable us to use? Which important insights from the field must absolutely be present in the application? Which ones are not so important (anymore)? What hardware will we use?

Thanks to our partners Max Celko, Philipp Schreiber, Oliver Feichtinger and Eva Licht who contributed to this outstanding project!