Best Book of the Year Award

Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs” was honoured as runner up for the 📖 Best Book of the Year Award 2023 📖 by the European Academy of Management!


Carmen Abril, Kiril Ivanov, Henning Breuer & Sandra Dijk at EURAM Award Ceremony in Dublin


The full book can be downloaded online, or you can order the print version for teachers and consultants intending to regularly work with its rich resources. We thank the jury for this great acknowledgment of our collaborative work! Also thanks to all who contributed, especially the authors Henning Breuer, John Bessant & Sune Gudiksen, Henning Breuer & Kiril Ivanov as creators of the cards, the co-authors of some of the chapters: Carina Leue-Bensch, Carmen Abril, Dr. Sandra Dijk, Prof. Dr. Claudia Lehmann, Sina Plietzsch, Keila Zarí Pérez, Jacob Thomsen, and Isabelle Kling for the illustrations, and Paul Lauer for copyediting, also to our colleagues from DeGruyter: Stefan Giesen, Steve Hardman and Maximilian Gessl.