Long Night of Science

“Design your own sustainable business model – 45 design patterns show the way” is the title of our workshop on the “Long Night of Science” at the HMKW Berlin. Using examples from the fashion industry, participants will learn how business models can be designed in a values-based and sustainability-oriented manner. Our Business Innovation Kit and a recently published collection of 45 design patterns for sustainable business models will help us. Using the example of a well-known brand, the participants learn how to use the Business Innovation Kit and the design patterns for their own business ideas.
For the exercise, we will use five design patterns: Sustainable Product Design, Repair, Reuse, Short Supply Chain, and Use-Oriented Service. Participants will receive excerpts from the book by: Lüdeke-Freund, F., Breuer, H., Massa, L. (2022). Sustainable Business Model Design – 45 Patterns. Berlin: Self-Published.