Modelling the Customer Journey

The latest extension set to the Business Innovation Kit facilitates modelling customer journeys. Nine cards help you address the seven touchpoints:

I. Become aware
II. Inform
III. Acquire / Buy
IV. Start Up
V. Use
VI. Modify
VII. Dispose / Renew

How do customers and / or stakeholders proceed from one to the next? How should the journey look and feel like? Which motives, requirements or fears need to be addressed?

First, select one of the relevant customer or stakeholder groups
and take an imaginary walk through their journey. That means
their overall experience with your company, its products and
services. Alternatively start collecting ideas for each touchpoint.
Then select a stakeholder group and draw its journey line from one
touchpoint idea to the next. Enrich your ideas with photographs
and original quotes from customer feedback or internal staff.

Touchpoint_Cards_IV_Modify_UXBerlinExample Card: Modify