SIG Values-Based and Sustainable Innovation

Values-Based and Sustainable Innovation are indispensable for sustainable development: Organisational culture needs to integrate sustainability values, and to align with forward-looking ESG goals in order to reliably create economic, social and ecological benefits, and increasingly contribute to sustainable development. This is why our SIG investigates the potential of values in innovation management, and develops new methods to establish values-based innovation cultures.

We want to thank everyone who contributed this year to some of the 2023 highlights:


We are looking forward to 2024 with

  • SF4S: New publications, workshops and public conferences on Sustainability Foresight – stay tuned for the interview with science fiction author Theresa Hannig in January.
  • ESG and Sustainability for Innovation Leaders – a seminal ExEd programme with Florian and Lorenzo at ESCP
  • ISPIM Conference in Tallinn with an interactive seminar on “Sustainable Innovation Cultures” for innovation leaders, as well as hot topic discussions and scientific papers sessions
  • A new open access book on “Sustainable Innovation Cultures” to be published by deGruyter, introducing a novel, impact-driven and values-based approach to innovation culture and bridging the values-action gap, addressed to innovation leaders and practitioners as well as trainers and educators; a Special Issue on purpose.

And we are looking for new talent, ready to engage, and to collaboratively drive values-based and sustainable innovation in business and academia, in Europe and around the world. Get in touch, have a good start into the new year!

Special thanks to those who contributed to these highlights, especially Kiril Ivanov, Sandra Dijk, Carmen Abril, Irena Sliwinska, Katarzyna Matras-Postołe & Jacek Kasz, Janusz Kahl, Alessandro Monti, Chiara Guiggiani, Mario Rapaccini, Ladeja Godina Kosir, Roman Meier-Andrae, Dietmar Schloesser, Florian Lüdeke-Freund, Lorenzo Massa, John Bessant, Sune Gudiksen, Steffen Conn, Lucija Bareis, and Samrina Jafrin. Thanks to Isabelle Kling, our illustrator of the Gamification book and the modified figure above.