Sustainability Innovation Pack Published

The Sustainability Innovation Pack is packaged, first samples shipped. First select one of five maturity levels you are working on or aiming for. Second: Distribute up to eight champion roles for sustainability business case drivers (such as risks, reputation, workforce, and ecosystem). Third explore how to enhance sustainability in each business model component and their interaction, prioritize, challenge. We are proud to develop the sustainability innovation toolkit in close collaboration with Florian Lüdeke-Freund of the University of Hamburg.

In order to work with the Driver Cards in a workshop you may follow these instructions:

    • After Grounding: Distribute the eight sustainability driver cards among the paricipants. Have each participant read its title(s), then give two minutes per card to each participant for reading and grasping the idea. (Participants are asked to, and at this time remined to take notes on private Post-Its).
    • Ideation: Make each card owner champion of the drivers described on his / her cards. For every component in the ideation phase the champion contributes the viewpoint of his / her driver (i.e. on risks, reputation, ecosystem …) and considers how the idea could gain from sustainability-oriented business case drivers. After the initial brainstorming for each component the moderator encourages champions to contribute from their specific perspectives.
    • Refinement: In the refinement excercise champions become prediposed anhors for the small group exercises in order to specify viable business models.
    • Challenges: In the challenger phase each champion dictates a challenge (e.g. based on potential disaster in terms of risk, reputation, ecosystem …, e.g. a great disaster in terms of reputation would be if …).


Example of a Sustainability Driver Card: Reputation.
Business Case Driver Sustainability