Who stole the Kit?

„The Business Modelling Starter Kit is of such value that it was stolen yesterday on an e-health event after I showed it (unfortunately this really happened)”, Andre Winzer (Schaltzeit).


“I particularly like the Business Modeling Starter kit because it introduces a time dimension in business modeling, going from the development of value proposition to the test of the model. In this way, it improves the Canvas by facilitating the transition from user experience research to business models design. In addition, it provides a rich set of analogies from companies and the press that can be used in new business models ideation and testing” (Massimo Garbuio, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University of Sydney Business School).


“Great tool that enables ebaloration of present and future business model in a playful and yet structured way! Take a look beyond the given situation, learn about pattern from other companies and industries, generate and condense the essential elements of a business model” (Reinhard Ematinger, Facilitator).

“Super! We worked for 5 hours on Slik17 and received extraordinary results. Especially I liked the example cards in the warmup phase and the challenger cards with scenarios“ (Julian J. Kea, Co-Founder of Slik17).

“We have used it for the first time with lawyers and achieved impressive results. Even in the field of law it helps to create an overview of the required expertise and revenue sources for the different fields of law. Systematizing all business aspects we were able to clarify the future development path of the chancellery “ (Andre Winzer, Schaltzeit).