Innovation Platform Aachen

More than 100 academics and professional innovation experts of companies such as Siemens, Daimler, Eon partcipated in our business model teach-in session at the 4th Innovation Platform in Aachen. We … contributed a presentation of the “Lean Venturing” approach and explored potential extensions of the business model for “Aachener Printen” in a World Cafe format together with our collegues from indeed. Participants took three turns in order to work on the value side, customer interaction and cost side of the idea pool in our Business Modeling Starter Kit. They discussed and learned how changes in one component (e.g. a new remote customer segment) require changes in other components (e.g. partnering) yielding a completly new business model. In the end 12 new business models for Aachener Printen resulted from this quick brainstorming session. We received great appreciation for our approach and valuable feedback. Our thanks and kind regards go to our host from the Technical University Aachen, particularly Prof. Dr. Frank Piller. More details on the event you may find in the program.