Innovation Maturity for Sustainability

The theme of this years International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in Berlin inspired us to contribute a presentation entitled “Wicked Problems need Virtuous Solutions – Normative Innovation to Establish Sustainable Value Networks“. To “innovate for sustainability” we need to go beyond process, product, and organizational innovation into strategic (business model) innovation and normative value innovation. Value innovation builds on the introduction of new normative orientations into an existing business ecosystem. Our work delineates this new theoretical approach that is illustrated with case studies on different modes of sustainability innovation.
On the normative level of innovation we discuss the case of collaborative business modeling to create a network-based energy region in Germany. On the strategic level “Green Power Marketing” provides and example how to differentiate branding and create a new business model. On the instrumental level the “Carbon Footprint Calculator” exemplifies an innovative tool to measure and reduce environmental impact.
Here you may download the presentation!